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Welcome to Beth's Needlepoint Nook



The Cash for your Stash program has been very successful.   We began this service in January of 2011.   We have listed a wide variety of items helping customers both locally and out of town.  Listed items include:  new canvases with or without fibers, partially stitched canvases with or without fibers, batches of new fibers, batches of partially used fibers, kits, accessories and more!   If you are interested in having us put some of your stash on Ebay, we would be happy to work with you.  You will recieve either 60% of the net sale price in cash or 80% in store credit.  Each item you send us is listed on Ebay for one week with color photo and details.  Each item is listed for $.99 and the bidding goes from there.   One customer has made over $1200.00 in store credit. (No names!  What happens in the Needlepoint Store stays in the Needlepoint Store.)  It has been fun to watch the bidding.  We are rarely able to predict what will bring in the most money.  Every week it is different.  If your stash is out of control, let us help you!!I 

I am so glad that you are visiting my website!  Let me begin by saying that I am not a computer person at all.  I never thought that I would have a website.  But now I do and here it is!  I have tried to keep it as user-friendly as possible.  To that end, I have a color photograph of every item I have for sale...fibers included!  I know that the computer monitor can alter the color slightly, but I thought that I, as a shopper, would rather have a photo than not.  I would love to have feedback on the site.  Please let me know if I can make it better for you in any way. 

​What I am is a needlepointer with a full-service needlepoint shop!  I love to stitch!  I like to use a wide variety of fibers as well as decorative stitches although, at times, some nice relaxing basketweave is just the ticket.  If you would like for me to pull fibers for you and/or write you a free stitch guide, make a  note in the comments box when you are checking out.  I would be happy to help you. 

​One of my main goals for this website is fast shipping.  If an item is pictured on this website, then it is in stock and will ship within 24 hours.  If an item was there yesterday but is gone today, that means it sold.  But not to worry!  I will be happy to special order anything that you want.  I will be updating the website frequently to keep it current.

​Another service that I offer is free customization.  A name, date and/or initials can be painted on any canvas you buy from me.  If you would like a custom-painted canvas, our in-house artist can do that as well.  Please contact the shop for details. 

​I also have a fabulous finisher just waiting for your  stitched pieces.  You can see the quality of her work throughout this website.  I know that I always wanted to see some finished samples before I let anyone finish my stitching and I am assuming that you do as well.  The turnaround time is generally 8 weeks.   Contact the shop for pricing.      

​ I look forward to working with you!